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10 ways to Improve the Order-to-Cash Cycle

Many companies try to speed receivables in order to improve cash-to-order, but this article by Deborah Catalano Ruriani uses 10 insights by Scott Pezza (research analyst of the Aberdeen Group) that point to long term goal setting and improved customer relationships as the true answer. One such piece of advice is to “tailor collections activities for individual customers”: Some customers are at the mercy of the consumer market, while others must account for project timelines or seasonal variations. Some are behind because of lost invoices, and others are challenged by cash flow. For strategic or high-value customers, knowing the source of their difficulties can help tailor collections activities and address delinquencies without jeopardizing the relationship. Overall, the suggestions center around accuracy, pre-planning, and focusing on customer relationship as much as customer orders. While it may seem like the organization is spending more time, the fact is thorough planning and customer minded execution can accelerate your company’s ability to improve the order-to-cash cycle.

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