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Missed Project Deadlines

Everybody likes missed deadlines ““ that must be why it happens so often, right? Ok ““ maybe not ““ but missed deadlines do happen with a consistency that can drive people crazy. Brad Egeland provides this blog post discussing a few reasons why critical deadlines may be missed ““ and what you can do to prevent that from happening. One reason that Brad includes is simply this: your resources are overloaded: Check with your resources ““ are they overloaded in areas outside of their responsibilities to your project? Are they getting direction from a supervisor to prioritize their work elsewhere. If that’s the case you have two issues: 1) communication problems because they didn’t let you know this and 2) negotiation needs to happen with the other PMs or the supervisor that is creating the priority conflicts. Either way, you must quickly get them focused on your project tasks or replace them. Once again, consider the budget issues related to the corrective action that has to happen here ““ the project budget may take a hit for a while as either priorities get re-adjusted or the resource is replaced on the project. Other reasons for missing deadlines can be unreasonable deadlines (that aren’t pointed out at the beginning of the project) and the project needing more/different resources. While certainly not a complete list, the points brought up in this post by Egeland are a great head start in recognizing the problems that can occur by simply not thinking through the project’s lifecycle.

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