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How to Join Tech and Marketing

We know that technology and marketing are like coke and beer–the former targets a large anonymous population, while the latter reaches out to smaller known groups of audiences. Yet they are dependent on each other for the overall outcome of a business. To better connect the two functions, Mark Samuels, in writing for ZDNet, points out four ways that CIOs and CMOs can create a mutually beneficial relationship: Finding common goals to help the business ...

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We Punish Women Who Use Flextime

Flexible work arrangements promote productivity, enhance job satisfaction, and enable retention of valuable staff. However, not all employers are willing to give their team flexible hours, and the perception of flexible workplace varies by gender. In a Harvard Business Review article, David Burkus shares data that indicates a problem. Implicit Bias Research at Furman University examined how likely people were to approve (fictional, but treated as real) requests for flexible work accommodation. Requests were largely ...

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How Lean IT Paves over the IT-Business Gap

We have talked about the IT-business gap for years, and yet we still see this chronic problem lingering around. Indeed, experts have been giving advice to bridge this gap by highly prioritizing it in every company, but little helps when technology keeps changing like a whirlwind today. Part of the reason stems from the disruption of the traditional enterprise IT model caused by four revolutionary forces—digital, elevated CIO mandates, de-globalization, and cloud computing. Indeed, we ...

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What Is Project Governance and Why Do We Need It?

“Governance” can scare people because of its negative connotation—indeed, it can be sketchy or bureaucratic, but it proves crucial to the success of a project if implemented properly. Project governance includes the policies, processes, standards, procedures, and guidelines that determine how projects are led and controlled in an organization. In an article for the Balance, Elizabeth Harrin shares the essentials of governance for better project outcomes. Project Governance Matters Governance is used to answer demands. ...

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How to Reduce the Number of High-Priority Incident Tickets

Usually in managing an incident, end users are able to select the priority of the incident ticket as they see it, because they are ultimately the deciding factors of business outcomes. So how can companies make it right and easy for end users to determine what should be the priority? Sanjeev NC, in writing for, suggests a few options to facilitate end users’ process of choosing the priority of an incident ticket: Add help ...

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How to Enact Process Change Using Project Retrospectives

Project retrospectives are more than just a review of the past. They are a strategic point during the project life cycle to discuss what is working and what needs to be improved. Retrospectives break the repetition of ineffective project management practices, provide the opportunity to solve immediate problems through rapid communication, and increase the probability of behavioral changes. Natalie Semczuk, in an article for the Digital Project Manager, lists five things that you can do ...

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4 Ways Sponsors Can Improve Project Success Rates

Project managers and sponsors work hand in hand on projects. Project sponsors play a crucial role in determining the success of a project by participating in the processes funding, scope clarification, progress monitoring, and influencing others. However, project managers and sponsors don’t always think alike. Moira Alexander, in writing for Tech Republic, says that the significant disparity between the expectations of project managers and sponsors resides in the levels of motivation, active listening, communication, and ...

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How You Can Make Your Team Care about Project Processes

With some employees, it isn’t a matter of ability but of attitude. Mike Adams, in writing for the Association for Project Management, says that the best way to balance your team differences and get the most out of them is to make them focus on commonalities—get your team to care about the common goals and how to achieve them. He shares a list of things that help bring your team on the right track of ...

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Why Efficient Project Governance Can Help Your Projects Succeed

Project governance is a critical element of any project, as it addresses responsibilities for strategic decision-making, and can be particularly useful to the change control processes. When implemented well, project governance can make a positive impact on the quality and speed of decision making on significant issues. However, many organizations think of governance like a goblin, or something that holds no value to the business but required for legal purposes. Kiron Bondale writes on his ...

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Transform Your HR Department to Keep Up with Digital Transformation

From Nokia to iPod Nano, and then iPhone and Family Hub Refrigerator, technological innovations have tremendously changed the way we used to live, as well as improved the quality of our life. They have introduced an era in which almost everything is mobile and just a few clicks away. Along with that, companies buckle under the need to deploy technological advances simply because they cannot afford to stay behind the curve. Surprisingly, to become digitally ...

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5 Things Enterprise Software Developers Can Learn from Consumer Apps

Much of enterprise software has an unshakeable clunkiness to it. What can software developers do to cast off this impression? In an article for Network World, Mike Nadeau delineates a few practices that businesses can adopt to empower employees through simplified and easy-to-use applications: A mobile-first approach An eye toward development culture Self-service that employees actually see Personalized user experience Easier collaboration between business and IT View Your Employees as Your Loyal Customers Don’t assume ...

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4 Customer Disruptions That Can Halt Your Team’s Progress

Like a martial artist striking specific pressure points on an opponent’s body, just a few distractions can destroy the whole workday. The good news is that organizations and managers can actually help reduce distractions in the workplace. Maura Thomas says in an article at Harvard Business Review that many leaders don’t know that they are trapped in the following four situations that prevent a team from focusing on producing its best work: They create an ...

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The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO – How to Run a Successful PMO

Despite what you might read in the news, or hear at the water cooler, there’s a growing demand for information on building a PMO (project management office). Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to share my perspectives on this topic based on my book The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO. It has been a fantastic opportunity; people have enjoyed the presentation and have told me they now have some “amazing takeaways” ...

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7 Tips to Create Work-Life Balance in Tech

When was the last time you actually sat down for a long, good conversation with your friends or family? If you cannot even remember the most recent date, you are probably working too hard. However, your workaholism is neither a phenomenon nor a disease. In a recent survey from Comparably, only 65 percent of tech workers said that they were satisfied with their work-life balance. Alison DeNisco, in writing for TechRepublic, sees this problem and ...

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What Is the Point of Learning C?

Many programming languages have come and gone since C language was devised in 1972, and yet C has continued to survive up to this day. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s thriving though–far from it, perhaps. So the question is–should people ignore this language completely and focus on something more useful and timely, or is it still something worth learning? Paul Rubens examines this question in an article for Old Habits Die Hard Azriel Fasten, ...

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