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Hearing Crickets on Web Conference Calls? 3 Tips to Get People to Participate!


Dead air and chirping crickets—is that what you hear when someone asks a question during virtual meetings? It’s frustrating for the facilitator and the participants! How do you get people to participate? How do you get what you need from shy (or multitasking!) stakeholders? If you can’t get people to talk, then let them click or type. Boost participation on your web conference calls by using these 3 techniques: Chat. If your virtual meeting tool ...

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4 Tips for Developing a Relationship with a New Vendor


Human relationships are complicated things that require special attention, especially in a new relationship. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett explores how managers can better develop relationships with new vendors. There are four ways to build a better relationship with a new vendor: Have clarity in your communications. Make the time for new products. Make it a point to get to know the vendors. Do not entertain the unannounced vendors. Serving Up Good Relations ...

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4 Principles That Will Shape the Future of IT


Technology changes constantly, yes, but there must be some principles driving that change from one moment to the next. Furthermore, not just technology is transforming, but also the very role of IT. In an article for, Bernard Golden explores the most prevalent changes facing IT. There are four principles that will greatly impact the IT industry: Software is disrupting everything. Open source is becoming common. Netflix is one-of-a-kind. Open source is the key for ...

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How to Use Metrics to Optimize Service Delivery


I want you to think about all the different types of organizations you worked for. Whether they were Finance, Communications, Energy, Agriculture, or Transport, there was likely one similarity among them: The reporting that was done from an IT perspective did not produce metrics that mattered. Why? It’s simple—we (as an IT organization) tend to loop endlessly on the metrics as they apply to IT. We must move away from thinking that “recovery from failure ...

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Easing into Agile: 5 Painless Steps towards Adoption for the Resistant


I recall that during an agency meeting conducted to plan the kick-off for a new project, I recommended that the project be done using an agile approach. Although some in the meeting were interested, the key project sponsors were not willing to risk departing from an established and familiar project planning methodology that was in place. It is often true that state government administration offices develop, recommend, and in some cases enforce the use of ...

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How to Fast-Track Your Team Member’s Growth


Employees need to be well-rounded and possess a multitude of abilities in order to be successful. A great project manager will want to manage the team members’ development. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen elaborates on how to help your team grow and develop. Growth on a Timetable Developing skills is an art that requires a great deal of time and patience, which is likely why managers push team growth ...

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How Can You Become a Great Project Manager?


At the heart of every business are people. The business works to please customers by capitalizing on their employees’ skill sets. In an article for the Association for Project Management, Lynda Bourne explores how this fundamental fact can make or break a project manager. Project managers need to understand that successful projects are the result of people. When a team is properly encouraged and challenged, the results delivered are phenomenal. However, this requires some development ...

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Enhance Your Strategy by Making Better Decisions: 5 Tips


Everyone has their own personal biases that too often cloud judgment and compromise good decisions. These biases exist to help people make sense of this crazy world. In an article for PM Hut, Richard Lepsinger explores five common biases that seem good superficially, but actually negatively impact decision-making: Staying within your comfort zone Jumping to conclusions Relying too heavily on one aspect Confirmation Refusing to leave a sinking ship It is so easy to become ...

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How to Stay Sane on a Business Trip


If you spend enough time on the road or in the air, hotel rooms can start to feel like lonesome jail cells. Steven Kurutz writes for The New York Times with some tips to stay cheery. One thing to do is to forego room service as an excuse to get out and be around other human beings. As such, a hotel in the downtown area is preferable, so that sights and sounds are within walking ...

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5 Business Travel Tips to Keep above Water


Avoid business exhaustion with these five tips from Dorie Clark in an article for Entrepreneur. The first one is to make yourself a travel checklist of things to remember, because your sense of pride at your great memory is not worth forgetting a laptop at a McDonald’s in Denver. On that same note, record your hotel room number somewhere so that it is one less thing you need to remember. If you get achy easily ...

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How to Squeeze a Little Vacation into Your Business Trip


Ideally, any work that is worth traveling over should be a high priority, but is it so wrong to insert some sightseeing into the itinerary along the way? Kristin Wong offers tips to sneak in a tiny bit of vacation. First of all, learn in advance what attractions your destination offers, prioritize them, and figure out how to squeeze the top two or three into your work schedule. Resources like Frommer’s might help you plan. ...

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4 Habits for Planning Business Travel


If you want the easiest and most cost-effective business trip possible, it will require some foresight. Dan Ruch has four tips for better planning strategy in an article for Inc. First, read your company’s travel policy to learn what exactly the business agrees to cover in expenses and the extent of coverage. Second, in spite of the multitude of travel websites that exist, most of them actually draw from the same pool of information and ...

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Five Tips for Smarter Business Travel


There might be more options available to you for convenient business travel than you realize. Hazel David shares five tips in an article for The Telegraph. The first is to streamline your tech use, which could mean any number of things, such as using a virtual private network (VPN). Second is to acknowledge that hotel alternatives do exist, including not just Airbnb but also Onefinestay, the latter of which apparently offers cleaning services. Third, travel ...

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How to Be Ready for Anything in Business Travel


Familiarity breeds contempt, and being completely lost in an unfamiliar situation is no fun either. As a result, regular business travel can be rough, but H.O. Maycotte shares the gamut of tips for Forbes to help. When it comes to booking, pick out an airline points program and stick with it as much as is practical. At the airport, avoid checking bags, pack toiletries in a clear bag, and apply for expedited traveler status wherever ...

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CIOs & Robots: What’s the Best Way to Use Automation in Business?


Automation is becoming more and more prominent in the workplace, and as much as 70 percent of executives state that they are planning to increase their investments in these technologies. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores the implications of robots and automation on businesses and how CIOs should react. The digital revolution is well underway, and the final, and largest, piece of this puzzle is automation, according to Alastair Behenna, an experienced IT ...

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