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The Internal Benefits of a Customer Experience Program


The external benefits reaped from establishing a customer experience program are typically easy to see. What often takes a little closer of an analysis is to see how these programs can positively impact the internal environment as well. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, CIO Cynthia Stoddard shares some ways that a customer experience program benefited NetApp IT internally. Finding Learning Opportunities The first internal benefit from a customer experience program is that IT ...

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Portfolio Governance: Ensuring Alignment to Strategy


When you hear the word “governance,” what comes to mind? Chances are that everyone will come up with a slightly different answer, because “governance” covers such a large amount of ground. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Jen Skrabak explores the importance of governance and narrowing in on what that means to you and your organization. Setting the Terms According to Skrabak, portfolio managers “recognize that governance is perhaps the single most important ...

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Initiating Projects: What to Do When Process Gets in the Way


When supporting project initiation decisions, effective process can consistently lead to extremely effective decisions. The problem for most of us is that we don’t work in an environment where there is effective process. In actual fact, the presence of solid, well-meaning and useful initiation processes is incredibly rare. While most organizations claim to have formal processes for project initiation, in a large number of instances these do not lead to better initiation decisions. The challenge ...

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Four Questions for Quenching Knowledge Management


The thirst for knowledge must be quenched. Every day people are looking for answers that they need. The question you have to ask yourself as a service provider is, “Are you positioned to satisfy their needs?” One of the fundamental challenges with knowledge management isn’t capturing the information; it is usually the ability to actually manage it. Part of the discovery process should lead us to ask ourselves why we need to do this in ...

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Agile Strategy Management Lessons Learned


Abstract The paper presents practical experience with agile strategy management methods and techniques gathered from multiple missions in private and public enterprises. People and communication are in focus. These elements present at the same time the foundation and primary opportunity for success, and the biggest risk of failure. The experience shows how weakly established organization structures and objectives make communication and people enter into conflict instead of working together to reach feasible and beneficial business ...

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The Coming Disruption of ITSM


Like a ground-shattering earthquake, digital disruption is imminent and no one will be spared of its wrath. In a post for SITS Community 360, Peter Johnson explains how he believes that the digital disruption will change everything, and that ITSM needs to brace for impact. Digital transformation, according to Deloitte, is a strategic approach to handling the business, and it involves “integrating recent digital technologies such as analytics, cloud, social and mobile to transform the ...

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Leveraging Remote Teams for the Most Success


Successfully managing any team is a challenge, but throwing in the added factor of the team working remotely can make the entire endeavor overwhelming. In a post for the Association for Project Management, Valentina Lorenzon elaborates on how to best manage remote teams. Remote Work, Expansive Results The world has changed, and it is more common than ever for a manager to be leading a team that works in different states, or even countries. This ...

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Best Practices for Planning Your Project


Why is project management feared, and even avoided? Individuals seem to avoid project management because there are so many variables that could lead to a project failure. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett explains the basics of managing projects, so that you can take on these projects and advance your own career. These are the basics: The team Tools Defining the business objectives Sponsors Metrics Communication Project planning The first and most fundamental aspect ...

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5 Methods to Preempt Team Conflict


There is equilibrium in the team conflict spectrum. A little conflict can produce great, innovative results, but bad conflict can result in all-out anarchy. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ginka Toegel and Jean-Louis Barsoux discuss how taking a proactive stance with team conflict often inspires the best outcomes. So Many Conflicts The best medicine is preventative medicine. Supervisors should set aside some time for teams to be encouraged to communicate with one another. ...

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How Toyota Trained GM: An Example of the Value of Company Culture


GM’s fall in 2009 had come at a terrible time. The company had one of the best car plants in the nation, turning out nearly 8 million high-quality cars and trucks in just a couple decades, 6,000 a week. But everything leading up to this success was what had really shot them in the foot. Back in the 80s GM was struggling, the cars they were building were terrible, and the company was losing money. ...

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Your Boss Plays Favorites: Now What?


You are yesterday’s news. Enrique is the hot-shot superstar apple of your boss’s eye now. In an article for the BBC, Elizabeth Garone has some recommendations about what to do now. First of all, there are always top pieces of work that your boss is trying to deliver to his or her boss. If you can directly help your boss deliver this work, that will definitely help to put the halo back on your head. ...

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How to React to Your Boss Having a Favorite


A product manager by the name of Reagan wrote to Forbes contributor Liz Ryan for advice about his current circumstance, in which he and two other product managers operate under the same boss but the boss clearly favors one over the others. Ryan, CEO of Human Welfare, shares her answer in an article. She says that it could be a situation where the favored product manager has been doing the job much longer, and so ...

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A Warning: When the Boss’s Friends Become Favorites


Situations occur where your boss happens to have a lot in common with a subordinate and they become best buds. This can happen more than once too. Where does that leave the subordinate who is not a best bud? Alison Green answers in an article for Money. She listens to a situation from a reader where a boss has two close buds who go out to lunch together with her, and they even make travel ...

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How to Know You’re the Favorite, and Why It’s Dangerous


In an article for Business Insider, Jacquelyn Smith pinpoints some ways to know you are the boss’s favorite employee, and why that might not be so great for the business. A favorite employee will get “unique freedoms,” such as the ability to come and go at will or speak up without fear of repercussions. If you are clearly enjoying perks that your colleagues do not receive, they may or may not resent you for it, ...

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Different Strategies for Dealing with a Boss Who Plays Favorites


You may not be the boss’s favorite, but you will not let that stop you from enjoying your job and being effective in your role. Stacey Gawronski shares multiple tips to work things out in an article for The Muse. For starters, when you show the boss displaying favoritism, do not get up in arms about it. You will not make the person stop being a favorite; you will just make yourself a least favorite ...

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