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Why Efficient Project Governance Can Help Your Projects Succeed

Project governance is a critical element of any project, as it addresses responsibilities for strategic decision-making, and can be particularly useful to the change control processes. When implemented well, project governance can make a positive impact on the quality and speed of decision making on significant issues. However, many organizations think of governance like a goblin, or something that holds no value to the business but required for legal purposes. Kiron Bondale writes on his ...

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Transform Your HR Department to Keep Up with Digital Transformation

From Nokia to iPod Nano, and then iPhone and Family Hub Refrigerator, technological innovations have tremendously changed the way we used to live, as well as improved the quality of our life. They have introduced an era in which almost everything is mobile and just a few clicks away. Along with that, companies buckle under the need to deploy technological advances simply because they cannot afford to stay behind the curve. Surprisingly, to become digitally ...

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5 Things Enterprise Software Developers Can Learn from Consumer Apps

Much of enterprise software has an unshakeable clunkiness to it. What can software developers do to cast off this impression? In an article for Network World, Mike Nadeau delineates a few practices that businesses can adopt to empower employees through simplified and easy-to-use applications: A mobile-first approach An eye toward development culture Self-service that employees actually see Personalized user experience Easier collaboration between business and IT View Your Employees as Your Loyal Customers Don’t assume ...

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4 Customer Disruptions That Can Halt Your Team’s Progress

Like a martial artist striking specific pressure points on an opponent’s body, just a few distractions can destroy the whole workday. The good news is that organizations and managers can actually help reduce distractions in the workplace. Maura Thomas says in an article at Harvard Business Review that many leaders don’t know that they are trapped in the following four situations that prevent a team from focusing on producing its best work: They create an ...

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The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO – How to Run a Successful PMO

Despite what you might read in the news, or hear at the water cooler, there’s a growing demand for information on building a PMO (project management office). Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to share my perspectives on this topic based on my book The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO. It has been a fantastic opportunity; people have enjoyed the presentation and have told me they now have some “amazing takeaways” ...

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7 Tips to Create Work-Life Balance in Tech

When was the last time you actually sat down for a long, good conversation with your friends or family? If you cannot even remember the most recent date, you are probably working too hard. However, your workaholism is neither a phenomenon nor a disease. In a recent survey from Comparably, only 65 percent of tech workers said that they were satisfied with their work-life balance. Alison DeNisco, in writing for TechRepublic, sees this problem and ...

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What Is the Point of Learning C?

Many programming languages have come and gone since C language was devised in 1972, and yet C has continued to survive up to this day. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s thriving though–far from it, perhaps. So the question is–should people ignore this language completely and focus on something more useful and timely, or is it still something worth learning? Paul Rubens examines this question in an article for Old Habits Die Hard Azriel Fasten, ...

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4 Key Drivers of Digital Transformation in 2017

Digital transformation is something nicely said but hardly done. It is imperative and has reshaped businesses in all aspects, from enabling new business models to enhancing customer services. As digital technology continues to evolve, successful digital transformation (DX) will require more careful collaboration and thoughtful planning. Michael Segal, in an article for the Enterprisers Project, talks about four key drivers of DX, and how they will they impact businesses of all sizes: Digitization and employment ...

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5 Change Mistakes a Good Program Manager Won’t Make

By nature, program managers spin a lot of plates. They also want to make those plates spin better by spurring changes that improve the bottom line. However, changes don’t necessarily mean good results, and sometimes, program managers make mistakes that are costly to their business. In a post for Axelos, John Tibble points out five change mistakes that a good program manager will know to avoid: Ignoring the old 70-percent-failure factor Associating “change” purely with ...

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6 Back-to-Basics Steps to a More Efficient Service Desk

The IT service desk is the measure of a business’s maturity and intelligence. Without a service desk, a company easily finds itself trapped in futile practices where it keeps creating and delivering services or products that customers don’t need. In order to constantly enhance the two-way communication process, and become more ethical and strategic in doing business, the service desk needs to be improved. In a post for, Elzette Wilkinson suggests six steps to ...

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Why Note-Taking Practices Can Change Your Work Outcomes

Unless you have a photographic memory, you just cannot remember every single piece of information that other people say or show you, and that’s why you need to write things down to “store” your data. To Sam Grier, writing at the IT Managers Inbox, note-taking is a daily skill and can be improved. Notes can get messy and useless if a person doesn’t know how to organize them. As a result, Grier introduces an information ...

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5 Tips to Take Advantage of the First Months as a Junior Project Manager

Project managers are neither made nor born, and they learn and grow through time and experience. Especially if you step into a new office as a junior project manager, there are lots of things you need to acquaint yourself with, from the organizational culture to key stakeholders and your employees. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of their opportunity and be proactive in adapting to a new role. Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy, in a post ...

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Dungeons & Dragons: An Unorthodox Path to Better Leadership

Whether you have played it yourself or merely seen it while binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, you probably know Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a decades-old dice and paper game. In it, the Dungeon Master (DM) creates a whole game world from scratch, and then the DM’s friends play as characters who explore that world. In a post at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy talks to developer Kane Hadley about how his DM experience has improbably ...

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The Most Practical Ways to Learn about Coworkers

The most natural way to get to know people is to just let it happen organically. In an article at Business Insider, Lauren Dunn outlines some ways that you can build relationships without trying too hard. For instance, small talk will go a long way. Just asking people about their weekend (etc.) on a regular basis will lead to learning a lot about each other over time. Avoid gossip and being overly negative, because such ...

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Almost Creepy Questions to Build Tighter Work Relationships

In an article for Inc., Shelley Prevost shares a long list of questions you can ask your coworkers in order to get to know them better. She describes the questions as “revealing,” and that might be an understatement. Some of these questions, like, “If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living right now?” sound like something a stalker would ask. So tread ...

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