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So They Called It a ‘Project’… but Is It?

Many large organizations have projects. The level of attention provided to these corporate projects can vary a lot, along with the rate of success. In organizations with significant operations, it is very easy to minimize the importance of proper management and leadership on projects. Projects are notably different from regular operations of the organization. They are not secondary activities that are managed on the side of the desk, whenever someone has time for it. It ...

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How to Deal with a Disengaged Sponsor

Is your sponsor too busy to actually do any sponsoring on your project? Or maybe your sponsor is a flake, unable to stick with commitments. What can be done when a lack of sponsorship puts the project at risk? Project leadership coach Susanne Madsen explains how to handle disengaged sponsors in a post at her blog. Reboot the Sponsor If you as the project manager need the sponsorship on your project to improve, then the ...

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The Long-Term and Strategic Side of Project Management

In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin considers a theory being discussed about the future of project management. Right now, managers spend the great majority of their time on operational concerns, with only a bit of time leftover for project sponsorship, planning, etc. But over the next few years, these priorities are expected to swap in importance. Harrin considers the implications. Plotting Moves First of all, while the significance of project work ...

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IT Workplace Trends for 2017

Technology changes faster than IT, but they are still wound in the same rubber band together. When technology pushes far enough ahead, it ricochets IT forward with it. In a post for SITS, CEO Oliver Bendig discusses what he sees as the trends for IT this year. The Snap of Progress The cloud is capable of encompassing and enabling so much technology that it can now store the equivalent of whole work environments. This means ...

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4 Tips to Survive as an Intern

Not every internship is across the street. Some of them are across the country or across the world, which comes with significant cost. Manuel Horovitz describes the plight in an article for Work It Daily. He says to weigh the costs of moving for an internship, especially an unpaid one, by using online tools that explain cost of living. Some internships pay for costs of living, but they have different methods of accounting for it. ...

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Internship Tactics to Grow the Talent Pipeline

There is always a war raging for high-quality talent, and that war is pouring over into intern acquisition too. Dona DeZube shares some pointers for your intern hunt in an article for Monster. Among them, she says to have interns recruit more interns, since they inevitably know more talented young people than anyone else. She also recommends scanning resumes and hiring for specific skills as opposed to specific majors; simply looking for business majors might ...

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How to Help Interns Fit In

Interns should not feel like they have been added to the team via some duct tape. An article at gives tips for integrating them more fully. For instance, you can ask the full-time team members to make the first move in getting to know the interns, since they might be shy or worried about intruding on people’s work time. You can also assign interns non-supervisor mentors, so that they can learn while feeling less ...

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4 Practical Tips to Help Interns Succeed

In an article for Ragan, Rachel Esterline Perkins describes the tactics that have helped her interns in the PR world succeed. For instance, she makes new interns self-evaluate themselves and establish goals for themselves on the first day, so that they are always building toward accomplishments. She also schedules monthly mentoring sessions with interns, which the company vice president sometimes attends. And in order to make managing a bunch of young people simpler, she advocates ...

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6 Ways to Be a Great Boss to Your Intern

Having interns is terrific. They live and die according to your capricious whims, and you can replace them like batteries. Of course—this is only how an awful person thinks. Betsy Aimee provides tips for how to help interns thrive instead of crash in an article for the Muse. In an ideal situation, you will have had time in advance of the hire to articulate a job description and a robust work plan. In this way, ...

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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

Are you gunning for an internship? Well, maybe not, but you could have a friend, sibling, or child who is. In an article for Harvard Business Review, John Coleman shares six key tips to excel as an intern in any environment. It all begins with punctuality. Honoring people’s time is a fundamental display of respect, and an important one. Next, interns (along with employees in general) should put in their best effort with all work ...

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The Ways You May Unintentionally Create Schedule Risks

Nobody sets out to make a project riskier than it already is, except perhaps Tom Sawyer in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Yet it still happens sometimes, mostly by accident. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall briefly describes a few ways you might inadvertently create schedule risks in your project. Risk Creation The first cause of risk is when you “crash the schedule”: It’s always been funny to me that the Project ...

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4 Ways to Build Trust in Digital Government

Heads of state understand that technology makes all the difference, and government must go digital. That being said, most government entities are risk-averse. How do we shove agencies into getting with the program? Susan Moore shares some quick recommendations in an article for Gartner: Build resilient digital leadership. Establish a shared digital government strategy. Maintain transparent communication. Get proactive about risk management. The Political Machine CIOs and other IT leaders should unite with HR and ...

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5 Steps Developers Can Follow to Measure Mobile App ROI

No matter what type of mobile app you build, you are in the same massively overcrowded boat as everyone else. You will want to know quickly if your app is creating the value you need from it in order for it to remain viable. Madison Moore shares five tips toward that end in an article for Software Development Times. Create a measurement plan. Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV). Know your cost. Understand not all users ...

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How Project Managers Can Smooth Interdepartmental Conflict

The custodian in high school once taught a powerful statement to our crowded lunch room: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” It means that we all play a part in making our environment better for ourselves and each other. That includes a hostile work environment. In an article for, Moira Alexander explains what project managers can do to ease tension between departments. The Power Is Yours If conflict originates at the ...

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On Being Intrepid as a Project Manager

In an earlier age, someone might have been approvingly described as “intrepid,” from the Latin for “not alarmed.” Some naval vessels, including at least one aircraft carrier, have borne the name Intrepid. In the modern age, usage has deteriorated to the ironic or even humorous. Of course, that doesn’t make intrepid behavior—the ability to perform effectively under conditions of uncertainty in complex environments and difficult circumstances—any less valuable. Conditions of Uncertainty (Risk Management) The purpose ...

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