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The Ways You May Unintentionally Create Schedule Risks

Nobody sets out to make a project riskier than it already is, except perhaps Tom Sawyer in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Yet it still happens sometimes, mostly by accident. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall briefly describes a few ways you might inadvertently create schedule risks in your project. Risk Creation The first cause of risk is when you “crash the schedule”: It’s always been funny to me that the Project ...

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4 Ways to Build Trust in Digital Government

Heads of state understand that technology makes all the difference, and government must go digital. That being said, most government entities are risk-averse. How do we shove agencies into getting with the program? Susan Moore shares some quick recommendations in an article for Gartner: Build resilient digital leadership. Establish a shared digital government strategy. Maintain transparent communication. Get proactive about risk management. The Political Machine CIOs and other IT leaders should unite with HR and ...

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5 Steps Developers Can Follow to Measure Mobile App ROI

No matter what type of mobile app you build, you are in the same massively overcrowded boat as everyone else. You will want to know quickly if your app is creating the value you need from it in order for it to remain viable. Madison Moore shares five tips toward that end in an article for Software Development Times. Create a measurement plan. Calculate customer lifetime value (CLV). Know your cost. Understand not all users ...

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How Project Managers Can Smooth Interdepartmental Conflict

The custodian in high school once taught a powerful statement to our crowded lunch room: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” It means that we all play a part in making our environment better for ourselves and each other. That includes a hostile work environment. In an article for, Moira Alexander explains what project managers can do to ease tension between departments. The Power Is Yours If conflict originates at the ...

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On Being Intrepid as a Project Manager

In an earlier age, someone might have been approvingly described as “intrepid,” from the Latin for “not alarmed.” Some naval vessels, including at least one aircraft carrier, have borne the name Intrepid. In the modern age, usage has deteriorated to the ironic or even humorous. Of course, that doesn’t make intrepid behavior—the ability to perform effectively under conditions of uncertainty in complex environments and difficult circumstances—any less valuable. Conditions of Uncertainty (Risk Management) The purpose ...

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An Overview of Guardrails: Keeping Aligned and on Track

Introduction Solution delivery is a complex process. However, it is possible to see if one is on track in a relatively straightforward manner. In essence, lean-agile methods are about achieving the highest level of business value realization in the shortest amount of time in a predictable and sustainable manner. This requires working on the most important business value requests within the proper capacity to implement them quickly. This is often complex and difficult; however, it ...

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Should More Developers Join the C-Suite?

The number of CEOs who were formerly developers may not be bountiful, but it is increasing all the same. In an article for CIO Insight, Aaron Skonnard sees the benefit of more developers ascending into the C-suite. He discusses a few scenarios where developer insight could be a boon. The Leadership Code For starters, developers understand the inherent value of information sharing and transparency, both of which need to become greater hallmarks of business. Granted, ...

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What Experience Should Matter Most When Hiring a Project Manager?

Are hiring managers emphasizing the wrong things as they seek project managers? Do they place too much emphasis on direct industry or related product experience? In an article for TechRepublic, Moira Alexander examines hiring attitudes and considers what should really count for hiring a project manager. Sorry, It Depends It may not be too surprising to hear that the highest-value candidate traits will depend upon the nature of the job and its inherent risk factors. ...

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What Is Driving ITSM Now?

Costs, speed, and service quality compose the triad of factors that govern IT service management (ITSM). In a post for SITS, Mike Beale shares some survey data from TeamUltra to take a pulse on what specific facets of that triad are concerning IT right now. Here are the highlights. Roadblocks Show the Way Of challenges IT expects to face in their next 12 months, 45.6 percent cited budget availability, 40.6 percent cited too many competing ...

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4 Ways to Make Your Project Team Happier

If your team’s corner of the office looks like a seedy biker bar, complete with an unconscious man in a do-rag lying face-down on the floor, it is time to brighten the atmosphere. Elizabeth Harrin helps toward that end in a post for the PM Perspectives Blog. She shares some tips for more team happiness: Give people more. Avoid getting stuck doing the same work for too long. Manage expectations closely. Help someone else. Cheers ...

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Effective Strategies for Remote Project Management

When it comes to managing a distributed team, you can use all the tips you can get. A heaping helping of Skype only takes you so far, after all. In an article for the Digital Project Manager, Patrice Embry shares some strategies. The Long-Distance Human Touch One of Embry’s go-to strategies is good old “bribing.” She will find candy (or the equivalent) local to the area of the team member and have it delivered to ...

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5 Ways Great Managers Maintain Team Engagement

Software like Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics take seemingly trivial pieces of work data and extrapolate big conclusions from them. What trends in this data might be uncovered regarding management and employee engagement? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ryan Fuller and Nina Shikaloff identify five behaviors of great managers found: Lead by example when it comes to working hours Ensure even allocation of work Maintain large internal networks across their company Appreciate the value of ...

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4 Ways Lack of Self-Confidence Is Dangerous

Low self-confidence is self-destructive. Amanda Rose briefly outlines the ways this is true in an article for Business Woman Media. Most obviously, low self-confidence makes people underestimate how much they are really capable of accomplishing. It also stifles their ability to even imagine a better tomorrow for themselves. Worse yet, people can often sense when a person has low confidence, and in business especially, people may not want to be bothered to work with someone ...

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The Imagination Gap

Business leaders in a multitude of sectors are not truly ready for digital transformation, because, well, how could they be? It is such a quantum shift from what came before. It will require greater imagination to see it through. Jeffrey Rothfeder discusses this in an article for strategy+business. He skims over significant technological developments affecting various industries, and then he offers three strategic solutions to addressing business changes. The first is to reimagine operations in ...

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Boost Your Business Confidence

If you always stay hungry for more, then those belly growls might drown out the whispers of self-doubt. In a post for Daymond John’s Success Formula, Mark Gonsalves discusses a few ways to boost your business confidence. Yes, you want to dress for success, and you want to learn to say no when the situation calls for it. But you should also the learn difference between being assertive and being aggressive. If I were to ...

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