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How to Share Your Project in 60 Seconds


You have terse encounters with a myriad of people all the time. Whether it be a few moments in an elevator or the excruciatingly long line at your favorite coffee place, you need to have a brief spiel to share with people. In the business world this can be an especially useful skill, and in a post for The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall shares how you can share the highlights of your project in ...

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Cloud Computing and the On-Demand Economy Are Remaking IT Careers


Gone are the days of a simple nine-to-five job with your one boss. Nowadays it is more common to see IT professionals working freelance, and working for a myriad of employers on a plethora of projects. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores this changing employment environment. Playing Gigs Ade McCormack, independent consultant and author, believes that the world is moving into the “gig economy.” This simply means an increased amount of people working ...

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Technology Business Management: A Model for Managing IT (4 Benefits)


In these innovative times, there is a constant push for people to be more creative and do more with less. This is especially true in the world of IT. In an article for, Nigel Hughes discusses how IT can shift their focus towards identifying the cost of consumed services and still support the business in making valuable decisions. Cost-Minded Governance The problem that IT is facing currently in this value-based decision is that there ...

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9 Problems and Solutions of Project Portfolio Management


Introduction A project portfolio is a set of projects and programs that envision the same kind of goals. The act of managing these projects to check if they are in line with the organization’s business strategy is project portfolio management. With the help of this management process, project managers and project management offices focus on forecasting and analyzing the returns per project implementation in the portfolio. They collate all the available data of ongoing and ...

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Using Project Portfolio Management to Sharpen Strategy


Introduction When there are many projects run by an organization, it is significant to manage and evaluate them by grouping projects into strategic portfolios. Project portfolio management (PPM) is an excellent business practice that enables an organization to keep its projects aligned to its business objectives. PPM doesn’t get involved in project execution, but it plays a major role in project selection, benefit realization, prioritization, funding, optimum resource utilization, risk assessment, etc. This helps in ...

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IT Integration: More Than ‘Nice to Have’


In a technology-driven world, why is IT still operating like a solitary island in each organization? The business and IT are not two separate entities; rather, they should be working collectively to better the organization as a whole. In a post for All Things ITSM, Kirstie Magowan shares how to change this rigid mindset and make IT a cornerstone of the business. Align and Improve IT tends to think very highly of themselves, because they ...

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IT Pro Stress Is Low, but So Is Job Satisfaction


It is no secret that too much stress is not healthy, but having a good amount of stress can be a great motivator. IT is a profession that is often synonymous with stress, but recent surveys have revealed that most IT professionals do not see their job as that stressful. In an article for, Sharon Florentine expands on this new information and explores the possibility that low stress can affect overall job satisfaction. Burnout ...

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4 Management Tactics to Maximize Potential of Average Performers


The majority of the workforce is made up of the average performer, or the performer who does not break his or her neck to go above and beyond, but they always get the job done. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares some ways to keep these individuals motivated and engaged. There are four tactics that will help to keep the average worker progressing: Establishing defined work duties. Acknowledge and reward superb work. Investigate ...

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Finding Value in Event Monitoring


Fact: Your IT operations are monitoring your infrastructure in some capacity. Whether it is network traffic, database activity, application health, or a combination of these, your goal is to ensure stability. How well is this working out? Depending on your IT organizational structure, each “silo” may answer that everything is working rather well, so you might want to reframe the question to determine what value your monitoring is adding. If you were to look at ...

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8 More Tips for Getting Started with Change Management


Effective change management is a difficult thing to master, especially when you are first attempting to employ a new change management. In a continuation from a previous post, Joe the IT Guy shares eight more tips for getting started with change management: Do not blindly mimic best practices. Pretend as though your needs are unique. Fully understand the benefits and limitations. Keep people a priority. Measure the correct things. Do not allow the change advisory ...

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The Value of Investment in Project Management Training


Every leader has heard that investing in workers’ development is the best way to motivate individuals and to help the company as a whole. However, recently leaders are beginning to question this, and they want their definitive proof that investing in development is worthwhile. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Raed Haddad explores the value of project management training. ROI for Development If a company is going to invest millions of dollars in ...

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A Strategy for Engaging and Dealing with Difficult People


At the heart of any business is people, and people are sometimes arrogant, egotistical bothers who are too small-minded to work well with others. The question then arises: How does one deal with such difficult people? In a guest post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Patrick Mayfield shares how to better work with these infuriating people. Collision of Wills The world has drastically changed from yesterday. This is all because of factors like ...

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How to Fix the 3 Biggest Project Management Problems


Any time you are managing human beings, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are general practices that can help. In an article for Forbes, Maren Hogan shares some problems that can arise during project management, and how to sidestep them in an agile fashion. There are three problems any project manager needs to be alert to: The team does not understand the project. The project manager is either too rigid or too laid back. ...

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How to Spot or Grow the Next Big Startup without Getting Burned


So you’ve finally got that personal loan application approved that will allow you to establish or invest in the next big startup. Should you be a founder or an investor? There are so many startups that keep sprouting everywhere, and each one sounds better than the last. We’ve seen a lot of startups that have grown bigger and more profitable over the years, and ordinary people becoming millionaires at a young age. Unfortunately, not all ...

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How and Why to Self-Promote at Work


Let’s cut to the chase and give the best tip—if you are apprehensive about broadcasting your accomplishments to others, then just pretend you are talking about someone else, like a favorite colleague. This is one insight gathered from an article by Anne Fisher for Fortune. She answers a reader’s questions about how to self-promote, among other things. Another useful thing to remember is that a major reason people self-promote is their superiors are often simply ...

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