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The Evolution of the Service Desk: A Better Help Experience


Is your Service Desk still relevant? Pretty bold question when we are talking about how we provide support and services for our business needs? For the most part IT organizations have set up a ‘help desk’ to address their business challenges with regards to IT. Over time this may have transitioned to a Service Desk. The challenge is whether this has been a transformation in name only. The first thing you need to understand is ...

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Project Managers: A Team Member’s Perspective


It would be an insightful opportunity to see how others view your behavior and evaluate your actions. In a study shared with PM World Journal, Marco Sampietro elaborates on this very idea. The team is a crucial element to executing a project well, and they hold a distinctive perception on how the operations are running. A Worm’s Eye View of Management Acknowledging the pertinence of team members’ contributions is recognized; however, little to no attention ...

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How Do You Fine-Tune the Change Management Process?


Change is the only constant. Modifications are normal and are often pushed frequently; however, more than two-thirds of change management efforts fail. Pearl Zhu explores how to effectively implement adjustments to the plan, as well as how to communicate these new alterations with employees. Softening the Push to Change The team is an essential piece in implementing change. Yes, management needs to remain assertive and decisive independently, but to neglect including the team on such ...

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Taking the Plunge: Transforming from Mere Manager to Lucrative Leader


What exactly distinguishes a project leader from a project manager? Susanne Madsen has interviewed Benoit Jolin, Head of Global Supplier Experience at Expedia, to uncover his secrets to being a successful project leader. Qualities to Keep, Mistakes to Avoid There are two components that separate leaders from managers. First, a manager needs to possess the proper qualities to become a leader in the first place. They earn their authority and lead by influence. Second, their ...

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Why You Should Zip It About Your PMP


You have acquired the golden ticket to success: your PMP, congratulations! But, in the relentless real world, this golden ticket does not grant you access to more prestige. In a post for PM Hut, Joe Caprara explores reasons why your PMP does not automatically heighten your abilities, and why you should be mindful not to become too big-headed. It Takes More than Book Smarts PMI does an excellent job of providing real-world experiences integrated into ...

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The Art of Selling Yourself and Your Business


Looking for a self-contained primer on how you and your business can sell yourself to customers and investors? Then Jon Card has the article for you at The Guardian, providing numerous tips and examples. Among other things, he says that authenticity is key; what sense does it make to try and sell yourself as anything other than… you? Another tip is to tell a humbling, memorable story that shows how you have faced and overcome ...

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How to Sell Yourself at Work but Not Be Arrogant


If you walk into every room like Muhammad Ali, declaring, “I am the greatest!” people are probably going to get sick of you. Catherine Lovering explains for Chron how to sell yourself while remaining quasi-humble. Begin by focusing on your performance, thinking about the areas in which you can really excel and get yourself noticed. Second, develop relationships across the business, promoting what you do and why your work is important to business success. In ...

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The ABCs of Business Cards: 5 Tips


Aside from what you wear, nothing strikes a lasting impression like a well-crafted business card. In an article for Entrepreneur, John Williams (probably not the composer) lists five quick tips to help you construct yours. ABC: A Business Card Unless you have graphic design experience, it is probably a good idea to seek out a professional for help. Particularly if you intend to promote a whole business, it would behoove you to have one person ...

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5 Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card


Deep in your heart lies an artist, and so you have decided to mastermind your business card yourself. Christina Wang provides five sharp tips in an article for Shutterstock. Find Your Style The first tip is to avoid gimmicks and keep it simple. Stick with black or dark gray text, and do not get fancy with displaying any important information; wild fonts will only distract people. Second, a business card is a marketing tool, so ...

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The Secrets to a Great Business Card


As Margot Harrington and Teresa Pereira explain for Business Insider, a business card is more than an antiquated means of exchanging information—it is great for spurring conversations and relationships too! In an infographic, their insights break down how exactly your business card will work for you. For instance, if you are “all business,” then keep it minimalistic and be “confident” enough to put just the essentials, your name and contact info. If you are looking ...

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The Surprising Secret to Selling Yourself


How do you leave a truly great impression on someone? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Heidi Grant Halvorson reveals the odd answer. Studies suggest that it is not your accomplishments that sell—it is your potential to accomplish that sells. Unlock Your Potential, Verrry Slowly Adjusting for factors such as age, research from various resources supports the idea that people are subconsciously more excited for the person with potential versus the person who has ...

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Strategy vs. Luck: Managing Projects in the Face of Uncertainty


A crucial element of luck underscores many of even the most carefully conceived plans, especially in project management. Where do strategy and luck intersect? Kenneth Darter writes for Project Smart about when the dice get rolled and how to react to the results. Life Is Like a Game of Chance In project management, the element of chance rests solely with people. For instance, a major stakeholder might suddenly leave the company, leaving a void that ...

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Leading Virtual Projects: How Do You Build Trust from a Distance?


It’s common knowledge that individuals respond positively to the physical presence of other human beings. But when geography and business requirements prohibit coffee break conversations and impromptu meetings, all team cohesion rests solely on the notion of trust. Quoting a book by Thomas Wise called Trust in Virtual Teams, Penny Pulan pulls out three of the essential elements of trust in a post for the Association for Project Management: Personality-based trust: made up of trustworthiness, ...

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Top 5 Reasons for Project Failure


Sometimes the reasons for project failure are completely obvious, sometimes not. Robert and Jasmin Kelly have scoured the available research to compile a list of what they think are the top five biggest reasons why projects fail. When you can confidently say your business does not make mistakes in these areas, then you know your business has a great hold on risk: Project management skill and leadership Unclear goals and business alignment Scope changes and ...

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How the ‘Gig Economy’ is Changing Enterprise IT


A study from 2014 indicates 53 million, or 34 percent, of U.S. workers are engaging in at least some freelance work. Some theorize that millennials could become the basis of a new “open talent economy.” In an article for CIO.com, Tam Harbert discusses the implications for the shape of the IT workforce: As a recent Deloitte report, “The Open Talent Economy,” explains, “The evolving workforce is a mixture of employees, contractors and freelancers, and — ...

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