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How to Spot or Grow the Next Big Startup without Getting Burned


So you’ve finally got that personal loan application approved that will allow you to establish or invest in the next big startup. Should you be a founder or an investor? There are so many startups that keep sprouting everywhere, and each one sounds better than the last. We’ve seen a lot of startups that have grown bigger and more profitable over the years, and ordinary people becoming millionaires at a young age. Unfortunately, not all ...

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How and Why to Self-Promote at Work


Let’s cut to the chase and give the best tip—if you are apprehensive about broadcasting your accomplishments to others, then just pretend you are talking about someone else, like a favorite colleague. This is one insight gathered from an article by Anne Fisher for Fortune. She answers a reader’s questions about how to self-promote, among other things. Another useful thing to remember is that a major reason people self-promote is their superiors are often simply ...

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Ways Women Can Promote Themselves at Work without Bragging


Curiously, “men are less likely than women to share news of professional accomplishments at work,” and they are also more prone to view self-promotion with distaste. In an article for Entrepreneur, Linda Descano shares some tips from experts about how to self-promote in a way that is kosher to everyone. For starters, remember to carry yourself in a way that always demonstrates the three “H’s” of heart, humanity, and humor. If possible, slip your achievements ...

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The Perils of Self-Promotion


Writing for Harvard Business Review, Sarah Green Carmichael approaches self-promotion with a skeptical, perhaps eye-rolling attitude. But being open-minded, she dove into the available literature to make a better judgement. Observing works like Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success and Ready to Be a Thought Leader?, she found some valid insights here and there but was ultimately unswayed. Instead, she agrees with and appreciates more her fellow HBR colleague Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s book, Confidence: ...

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7 Ways Introverts Can Self-Promote at Work


Enjoying your quiet time is a fine thing, and nobody appreciates people who bang pots and pans together with declarations of how great they are. But there has to be a comfortable middle ground in there. Lewis Humphries shares seven tips for self-promotion for introverts in an article for Lifehack. If you want to stay the tried and true path of working utterly indirectly toward your goals, you can focus on producing high-quality output and ...

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6 Ways to Self-Promote at Work Respectfully


Some people live so meekly that they just want to disappear, and you know what happens to those people? They succeed. For the rest of you who would like basic recognition for the things you accomplish in life, Jane Bianchi writes for Fast Company with six tips. First, keep a running list of your accomplishments, especially quantifiable ones, so that you actually have something worth sharing. Second, look for ways to convey your accomplishments (even ...

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Why Innovation Labs Fail and How to Make Them Succeed


It is the ultimate in innovation dreams: being able to test out creative new ideas in a safe, risk-free environment. That is exactly the opportunity innovation labs create for organizations. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels cautions against the obstacles that can cause innovation labs to fail and offers advice on how to make them succeed. Isolate and Innovate What causes an innovation lab to fail? Ian Cohen, a former CIO and current digital ...

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The Rise of the Revenue-Generating CIO


The role of IT and the CIO is constantly evolving and growing into a new beast. Technology is progressing at a rate that is enabling more time and opportunity for the CIO to delve into IT strategies. In an article for CIO Dive, Justine Brown elaborates on how CIOs’ new focus on strategy will benefit the entire business. C(ha-Ching)IO Harvey Nash and KPMG released a survey that revealed more than half of CEOs are requesting ...

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3 Reasons Why Corporate IT Investments Fail


Investments excite positive feelings because they have the allure of potential riches. But investments have risks, and sometimes they will consequently fail. In an article for CMSWire, Oscar Berg shares some reasons why corporate IT investments fail and how to avoid this discouragement. The Financial Folly IT-related investments are slightly different than other investments because they are sunk costs. This makes it extremely pertinent that these investments quickly begin to create great business value. However, ...

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A Grim Portrait: The Current State of IT Project Failure


Where do we stand with IT project failure? Are success rates in the industry improving? Frankly, not really. At best, the same dreary old rates are holding steady. Let’s examine recent big-name stories and industry statistics of IT project failure in order to both understand what exactly is going on and also to find ways to buck the trend moving forward. Recent IT Project Failures NHS IT Projects (£5bn) at ‘High Risk’ of Failure – ...

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Using the Service Portfolio to Prove Effectiveness


Understanding is the first step to success, because once you understand a concept you can better deliver on it. In a post for ITSM Professor, Professor P. Ross S. Wise elaborates on the use and power of the service portfolio. According to Wise: “The Service Portfolio represents the complete set of services that is offered and managed by a service provider.  It corresponds to the entire lifecycle of all services and is made up of ...

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Communication Strategy Will Establish IT as a Partner


Communication is essential to having healthy working relationships, and this is especially true in the business world. When one facet of the business makes decisions without consulting anyone else, there are problems. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Michael Mundrane elaborates on the importance of the business and IT communicating often and well. What happens when IT makes decisions or starts a new project without letting everyone in on the secret? According to Mundrane, ...

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Improving Focus and Predictability with Critical Chain Project Management


Abstract Does it seem that projects in your organization require frequent firefighting where due dates are challenged and heroics are necessary to get things done? Do projects often go from green to red overnight? Is team morale suffering? Do you believe that your organization could flourish to new heights if this cycle were broken? Lack of focus and inability to manage uncertainty are two significant causes of project delays, diminished quality, excessive project durations, and ...

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Partnering to Shape the Future: IT’s New Imperative


It is no longer the norm for IT to work in its isolated bubble; rather, they are a major player at the executives’ table. And if that is not the case, then there is a problem. In an article for McKinsey & Company, Naufal Khan, Jason Reynolds, and Christoph Schrey share data from a survey about where IT stands as a business partner. Challenges to IT Evolution Despite the immense benefits that can be reaped ...

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7 Tips for Getting Started with Change Management


Change management seems like an easy enough concept: “knowing what needs to change and why.” But it is still overwhelming to start. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy shares some simple steps on how to get started. There are seven tips to keep in mind when initially implementing change management: Ensure everyone knows. Do not just dive in. Gain support. Acknowledge preexisting change management. Start small. Take on an end-to-end view. ...

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